In about 8 hours and 20 minutes, we will formally be introduced to the newest crop of girls trying to pass themselves off as models. Since the tall girls never work, it’s safe to say that the midgets will be just as unsuccessful. I’ve sat on them for a few weeks now, and I will give them (Tyra?) this. There are absolutely no Tahlias in this bunch. Nobody is repulsive and gross. They are all just… short, and therefore, pretty much a waste of time.

Will that stop me from blogging about them? Uh, duh. NOPE! So, I ask you, my dear readers, to make the hours of post-show blogging worth my damn time.

Moving back to the midgets… Let me just say that my opinions change pretty much on the hour– The ones I like are Nicole, Kara, Laura, Rachel, Brittany and to a lesser degree, Erin. I also think that maybe I was a little harsh on Rae, but we’ll see. I do seem like a bit of a white supremacist, don’t I? Hoo boy. That’s not my intention. At all.

My first baseless predictions are always fun to look back at and laugh… Consider the following list to be my first intelligent attempt at predictions for the Midg Cycle-

14th- Lisa

13th- Ashley

12th- Rachel


10th- Bianca

9th- Kara

8th- Rae

7th- Courtney

6th- Laura

5th- Luly


3rd- Nicole

Runner-Up- Brittany

Winner- Jennifer

So, those will be fun to laugh at in a couple of months! Enjoy the shitshow tonight, folks!