Okay, so I apologize sincerely for the delay in this post. First, I tried to post it and for some reason, it only saved up to Luly’s picture. Then, I had major computer trouble. Finally, although I’m sure you’ve all seen the shots already, I have them for you. Sorry about the technical difficulties. This week was NOT my week.

So, let’s just get down to business. I don’t really care what the judges said about the pictures, because let’s face it, they’re stupid. But for the most part, they did okay with their call out this week, save for the elimination and their placement of Forest Whitaker. I don’t give a fuck about whether the girls were smizing because that was pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of, so these are ranked  on how good they are, not how much they squinted.

Best shot of the week, although there were like five that were great is–


Look at this girl’s face… She’s like a doll, she’s that beautiful. I have to agree with Tyra (UGH, GOD, WHAT?! *SLAPS SELF*) in that the kicky, vampy vibe to this picture is what really makes it hot. I love the cocked shoulder and the attitude in the right hand… So unlike country bumpkin Laura. It’s a hot picture.


This is another seductive, gorgeous picture. I love how rich and dark her hair is… it’s the first time that I’ve really looked at Brittany and gotten her appeal, to be honest. And that body pose? TO DIEEEE FOR. LC actually said something intelligent when she said that Brittany looks photoshopped onto the horse.


This was a really tough call, because I really do think this shot is gorgeous… Her face, all pissed off and angry, looks incredible. Even the albino-ness is working in this picture. I love the way the corners of her mouth are downturned. The arms are a little twisty, but that is offset by the way her candy floss hair blends in with the mane on the horse. Deeeelicious.


There are so many extraordinary things about this picture… Her hair, like Erin’s, is blending in with the horse’s mane but it’s RED!!! ❤ Her face is stunning. She definitely doesn’t look short at all…. In fact, she’s looking stunning. But! I think the melancholy expression isn’t the best approach to the brief, and so that’s really the only reason it’s ranked fourth.


I’m happy that Kara was able to tone down the hardness of her face and look this soft for this shot. She looks extremely sexy… Her body is so kickin’…  Look at her silky legs! Meow!


This is, without a doubt, the prettiest Luly has looked all competition. I think she’s looking extremely flirtatious and cute in this picture… I love the primness of her folded hands mixed with the slouchy poster… It’s very quirky.


I love how badass this picture is… Rae’s body pose is AMAZING… And her face is strong… which is perhaps the one flaw in the picture… Her eyes look a little crazed. It’s quirky and weird, which I dig, but it’s a little much. Big eyes are fierce if you’re Allison Harvard or Rachel– =( but not when you’re Anya or Rae.


Biiiiiitch pleeeeease? This isn’t even close to the worst shot of the week. Now seems like a good time to say that I was wrong about her possessing no edge… She looks very sensual and sexy here. There is a general blandness about the shot compared to the ones above, but bad? Not remotely.


Okay, so rest assured…. this shot of Sundae is far from great. The face is actually pretty stupid… She’s doing this weird, pursed expression and her eyes are doing a little Jennifer wonkyness. But! I love her body! Seriously, I don’t care that she’s pint-sized. She’s looking absolutely adorable, body wise, in this shot. I really want to LOVE her pictures though, because she’s sooo cute and infectious. But thus far, she has yet to deliver.


This picture is basically the opposite of Sundae’s, for me. Her face is pretty– again, I see Coryn only softer, but the body is just… blah. She’s basically just standing there, chilling. Not so exciting.

Forest Whitaker-

WONKY EYE WONKY EYE WONKY EYE!!!! Hahahahahah WONKYYYY! Seriously, the pose is just lacking intensity… she’s half-heartedly grasping the rope, and then that closeup… Eeeek. I’m sorry… okay, no I’m not sorry, but that eye is just a distraction and a half.

But Forest’s shot is NOTHING compared to the shitshow that is… Biyanka-

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. GROOOOOOSSSSS. Granted, the shot was probably always going to suck because Tyra has this notion that blonde looks great on a black woman, but JESUS… She looks like she was just served hot dung or something… OY. It’s really just a horrible, horrible picture. Even the body is unsaved by silky skin because she looks uncomfortable. sorry Biyanka. You failed miserably here.

Scores so far-

Laura (2)- 3/1

Nicole (2.5)- 1/4

Rachel- 4

Rae (4.5)- 2/7

Erin (5.5)- 8/3

Kara (5.5)- 6/5

Brittany (5.5)- 9/2

Courtney (6.5)- 5/8

Luly (6.5)- 7/6

Lisa- 10

Jennifer (11)- 11/11

Ashley (11)- 12/10

Sundae (11.5)- 14/9

Biyanka (12.5)- 13/12