None of this group shit. But, just as a reference, here are the three group shots…

Laura, Ashley and Kara-

Hungry, Rae, Forrest-

Sundae, Nicole, Erin-

If I were going to choose the best group shot, I’d go with the bottom one, since everyone looks good. Each of the top two have one person that’s looking hot, but unfortunately, the rest of their respective group isn’t even coming close.

Now, individually, here’s how I’d have done it:


Look at how hot she is! This is total and complete confidence… She’s feeling her character and allowing herself to let go and be this sexy vixen. I adore this… And if you look at the long shot, you’ll see that she’s got this great bend in her body that fits the Cirque du Soleil brief. Our little Southern bumpkin is a DIIIIIVA in front of the camera.


This is an EXTREMELY close runner-up for best individual shot. In fact, it ALMOST justifies the first call out for her entire group. Almost. I love her heavily lidded eyes, and the angry-hot expression she has on her face (sort of reminds me of Melrose’s runway shot from Cycle 7)… Rae is totally kickass.


This poor girl cannot get out of third place for me! The judges had the right idea… She doesn’t especially stand out and demand your attention like the top 2 photographs, but there’s something deliciously high fashion about it, like this Prada ad:

Bottom 3 worthy shot? Not even close. She’s being set up for a bullshit elimination and even though she seems stank, I am not okay with that.


So, a big emphasis was put on Nicole’s suckage, yet she still managed to deliver this, which I think is pretty strong overall. There’s something so dreamy about her pale skin and the garment she’s wearing, plus that contrasting hair. So, it’s not the most interesting pose… Big deal, she’s still amazing.


This too fits into that Prada look, except it’s significantly more unattractive. I really like her back, first and foremost. She looks like a dude, but androgyny is hot, even when it uh… isn’t. Case in point… this picture. But it’s at least got some fashion elements to it.


This is almost identical to the baby picture shot I ranked her last for. She’s just doing something slightly more interesting, pose wise, and she also has fellow contestants who managed to bomb this shit way worse than she did, so our little ice cream cone survives a bottom 3. I don’t buy that this is ‘sensational’ or that she even did amazingly well, but this shot isn’t heinous.


This is all kinds of boring ass bland… And she’s managed to make her hips look about 4 yards wide with her pose, but at the same time, I find her face to be very pretty, if a bit… disconnected. It’s essentially the same shot she’s been giving us for weeks, and because of that, I’m not sad to see her go.


Oh, my dear sweet Kara. What has become of you?! I do suspect editing, since I think Kara is the next to leave us, but still… I can’t really say anything great about this picture except ‘Forrest’s was worse’. She doesn’t stand out and when you do finally find her, you don’t really like what you see. At least in my eyes. This is the first time her endearingly wonky eyes look well… bad.


She just keeps outdoing herself with her suckage! She looks about 3 feet tall and like a chipmunk mixed with Whitney effing Thompson of the chronic open mouth syndrome! So, let’s see… So far Forrest has been a horny chicken, a reindeer, a chipmunk, a massive hunk of Ham… Dear god, get this bitch out of here before my head explodes. This is heinous. HEINOUS. BUT YES, LET’S GIVE IT A FIRST CALL OUT. I’m starting to think Forrest can take a steaming shit on set and Tyra would be like FIERCE!

Lazy eyed psychos. Hmph.

Lazy eyed psychos. Hmph.

Never forget it.

Now, for the math-

Nicole (2.6)- 1/4/2/2/4

Laura (3)- 3/1/5/5/1

Rae (4)- 2/7/8/1/2

Rachel- 4

Erin (4.2)- 8/3/3/3/3

Kara (5.4)- 6/5/1/7/8

Brittany (6.2)- 9/2/11/4/5

Luly- 6.3

Courtney- 6.5

Sundae (8.4)- 14/9/7/6/6

Jennifer (9)- 11/11/4/10/9

Ashley (9.4)- 12/10/9/9/7

Lisa- 10

Biyanka- 10.7