I have no qualms with the photoshoot whatsoever… I think people are overreacting about this bi-racial thing being offensive. But does anyone else think it’s hilarious that Erin’s only knowledge of Tibet was that it ‘needed to be freed’ and that all Tyra could tell her about Tibet was that the Dalai Lama was from Tibet. Forget blackface… These contestants/host are the real racial stereotype.

So, let’s rank these. Gorgeous shots all around. And just in case anyone was wondering, Nicole is now in contention to get my top callout score of all time.


She was meant to be Japanese and Madagascan, which I dunno if I really see, but good god, this picture is just more perfection from Nicole. People are starting to hop on the overrated train, but honestly, she’s deserved all the praise she’s gotten. This is so graceful and strong, and although I think the ‘you need neck’ thing is overused, how sexy does her neck look here? If this bitch doesn’t win, there is some serious injustice in the world. Watch her go next week =(


The more I look at this, the more I love it. I don’t care that Tyra said she was lost… She looks stunning. There’s something so dreamy and serene about her face… You don’t need to be squinting (fuck smizing) your face off to deliver a great shot.


WHAT?!?! ELIMINATED?! I think the right (her left) side is divine… but I’ll admit that she does get a little overwhelmed by the styling. That’s the only negative though, because honestly, the whole regal and stoic thing she went for is perfect for this particular combination. I think it’s gorgeous, and easily the best picture to get an elimination this cycle.


First of all, major kudos to her for finally closing her damn mouth. I’ve heard some people say that her mouth actually looks a little too tense, but it doesn’t bother me. No, I just find the body pose to be a little underwhelming. It’s still one of Jennifer’s stronger photos, but she was the one who deserved the ‘You could have pushed this’ critique, not Brittany.


Everyone knows that I find Laura delicious, and this certainly isn’t bad, but it’s just not as strong as the others. I think that as Greek/Mexican, she had two of the more recognizable races and her styling lets her down a bit. I like the broken down pose, but the face is a little goofy.


It’s cute, but does anyone else suspect that she’s like 3 feet tall and walking around on stilts the rest of the time? Seriously, the twelve year old thing is so insanely true… and it’s not like a high fashion Jac Jagaciak fifteen, it’s total Baby Gap. Oh wait, didn’t the judges say all of these things, in addition to saying she’s a one look wonder? OH AND SHE WASN’T BOTTOM 2’D FOR THIS SHOT?!?! OH MY GOD. I mean, it’s not even close to the worst of the cycle, nor is it Sundai’s worst shot by any means but it’s easily the weakest of the panel and Sundai is definitely the weakest link of the remaining girls.


This is the best one… The site I get my closeups from has three different closeups for each girl for the Ninja shot, but only one for Sundai-

Same. Pursed. Lip. In. Every. Shot.

I rest my case.

Call-Out Scores:

Nicole (1.7)- 1/2/2/2/4/1/1/1

Erin (3.3)- 4/4/1/3/3/3/7/2

Laura (4)- 6/1/5/6/1/4/4/5

Rae – 4.2

Brittany (5)- 9/3/11/4/5/2/3/3

Courtney- 5.5

Kara- 5.8

Luly- 6.6

Jennifer (6.8)- 10/11/4/10/9/5/2/4

Rachel- 7

Sundai (7.7)- 14/9/8/5/6/8/6/6

Ashley- 9.2

Biyanka- 10.7

Lisa- 12

And here’s all the shots in a collage form =)