I get the concept they were going for (it’s a rip-off of something from Britain’s Next Top Model), but considering that Russell James was the photographer, I’d expect way more. He’s responsible for my FAVORITE shot from a NTM show… Cassi van den Dungen’s (Australia- Cycle 5) Desert Lingerie:

So, what I got last night? Meh. At best. In fact, I’m still deciding how to rank them, because I don’t particularly like any of them, but here we are, for your viewing pleasure, in order from favorite to least favorite girl. There are no closeups as of right now, but very little emphasis was placed on the face during panel anyway.


There’s sort of a funky, Kristen McMenamy thing going on with her face (and I don’t really like Kristen McMenamy, so take that with a grain of salt). I like that her body is graceful, and I don’t really get the shitstorm Nigel had over her legs and feet… They look fine and LONG. Get over it, perv boy.


This is definitely not my second favorite shot and figured I’d just clarify and say that this is in order from favorite CONTESTANT to least favorite contestant. This is pretty bad, yeah. I don’t agree with either of Erin’s previous bottom 2s, and I’m glad she’s still in the competition, but yeesh, yeah. Not a fan. From what you can see of her face, she looks like she’s blowing bubbles, and all her floaty fabric stuff is behind her and looks like golf clubs.


Laura’s shot is especially mermaid-esque, because she’s way down in the water. Unfortunately, I don’t really like much else about the shot. I like the sort of ‘ooooh’ thing she’s doing with her lips but if you look too quickly, the bluish hues of the lighting are making her look a little bloated, and the positioning of her legs distorts her body a little bit.


She’s doing the infamous Barbie toe thing, which would totally be Marisa Miller’s equivalent to smize if she ever got to host a NTM show. Speaking of which, she should definitely replace Tyra. Back to Jen… I actually do like this shot. I think it’s hilarious that some of the most deluded Jennifer fans say she has a perfect body as this shot clearly showcases that that is in fact, utter bullshit, but it’s a cute shot, and I actually sort of like the straight legs.


First of all, this little peanut broke my heart when she was eliminated. I knew she’d be devastated, and I was right. I think this is probably one of her better shots. She looks far taller than her 5’3, and yes, she lost the face, but come on, so did Erin and Laura, so it’s not like it wasn’t a common theme here.

So, the call-out scores will remain the same and I will work on figuring out my thoughts regarding these mediocre shots. Also, this photo recap is longer than my full recap was yesterday. Thought you should know! =)