And all the views are coming from 1 house in the UK, so I’ll just say this:

-I didn’t have time to do a blog and an 8 page paper. Meh.

-THANK GOD NICOLE IS IN THE TOP 2. I’m sick of Laura though. I don’t buy this ‘She has no good pictures’ bullshit, because she does, but I’m sick of ‘I have big dreams! I have big dreams’ Also, Laura is the first ANTM contestant to make it to the top 2 without a First call out. Both she and Nicole have never been in the bottom 2, which is another ANTM first.

-I saw a glimmer of hope in the Tyrant tonight. She talked about choosing a petite girl who could legit work it. So, here’s hoping she pulls for a Nicole win. Although there’s always that ANTM stigma to deal with, so maybe I shouldn’t root for her.

-BYE JENNIFER. BYE ERIN. It sucks, because Jennifer, although clearly not that photogenic, grew on me, personality-wise. And Erin… MY GOD, THAT PORTFOLIO. And the picture that eliminated her? DELICIOUS. She is the second most photogenic girl of the cycle.

-Ann SUCKett guest judged, and while she was no Marisa Miller, she was… dare I say it? Tolerable! She seemed to really like Nicole’s picture, and she usually goes for the uber-commercial types so maybe someone slapped some sense into her. Hopefully!

Oh and here are the photos:


Watching her shoot was one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in a long time. She’s proven that she can pull of any color of the rainbow with her coloring, as is evidenced by this shade of yellow. She rocked it, and the resulting picture is everything the judges said it was and more. She looks vulnerable and mysterious and of course, smoking hot. She, of course, couldn’t impress his royal douchiness and was told that she wasn’t doing enough posing here, even though I see a great body position that doesn’t shorten her and flatters the garment. Suck it Nigel.


Panel after panel, Erin is criticized for her photos, despite delivering strong ones consistently. She’s my second favorite model of the cycle, and this picture is fucking delicious. Although the whole monochromatic color scheme is sort of questionable, I like that she looks well… naked, if you glance quickly at the picture. This isn’t elimination worthy. AT ALL.


First of all, she looks AMAZING in pink. The face and pose, however, are just more of the same Jennifer we’ve been getting all cycle. Hands on hips (see Elongate Yourself), mouth agape (see every photo). At this point, she should have delivered something stronger. I still like it though.


I really don’t get the hate for this picture, but I’ll admit that it’s the weakest one. The eyes are pretty, but not when paired with the open mouth, which sort of gives off a confused owl look. Her hair looks pretty, but does anyone else feel like the waves are coming out her ass? Teehee.

Anyway, here are the call-out averages with some more minor tweaking, plus I added my ranking of last week’s shots in as well. Sorry, I know I change my shit a lot:

Nicole (1.6)- 2/2/2/1/4/1/1/1/1/1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin (3)- 4/3/1/2/3/3/7/2/3/2

Laura (4.1)- 6/1/6/6/1/4/4/5/4/4

Rae (4.1) – 1/7/5/3/2/6/5

Brittany (5.1)- 9/4/11/4/5/2/3/3

Courtney (5.5)- 3/8

Kara (5.8)- 5/5/3/7/8/7

Jennifer (5.9)- 10/11/4/9/9/5/2/4/2/3

Luly (7)- 8/6/7

Rachel- 7

Sundai (7.4)- 14/9/8/5/6/8/6/6/5

Ashley (9.4)- 11/10/9/10/7

Biyanka (10.7)- 13/12/10/8

Lisa- 12