First of all, Tyra had a Twitter this morning that said: ‘So here’s my ANTM secret I promised: Naduah. I wish she was still in. Much love to you Naduah. U rock! Oh, and I loved your sunglasses shot.’

Uh… confusion. If you didn’t want her to go, why did you eliminate her? Oh wait, is it possible that Princess Swine Flu’s stanky attitude gets even more stankocious and Tyra wishes that she’d kept the bald one instead?

After a night of thinking about it… Naduah grosses me out. Her whole ‘I was in the same cult as my parents but I traveled with them when the cult wasn’t uh, in session and PS, my accent was woefully inconsistent’ thing makes me think that perhaps she was a pathological liar and THAT’S why she got eliminated… Tyra won’t stand for sob stories without physical proof…. burn scars, mutilated clitori, but tales of cult? Naht so much.

So… Speculation time–

First call-out in part 1 went to Jessica. The person who received first call out for the first photoshoot made the top 6 in every case except cycles 1 and 13 (Ebony and Rae). The winner only received first call out in photoshoot 1 once (Jaslene). The runner-up received first call out five times (Yaya, Kahlen, Nik, Anya and Allison).

First call-out in part 2 went to Raina. The person who received first call out for the second photoshoot made the top 6 in Cycles 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13. The winner received first call out in photoshoot 2 twice (Jaslene and Teyona).

This might not mean shit but it’s always interesting to compare them.

For those who haven’t seen it yet… Here’s the FIERCE new promo:

I love it because Tyra is hot and skinny again, and the girls are all rhythmic and funky in their movements. Also, Naduah makes me uncomfortable because, like I said yesterday, she looks like Belladonna and I feel like she’s about to go hog wild on some dick at any time. Will not miss.

Last order of business… The perfume photos. They’re really bad, in my opinion. Only Raina’s is excellent, and it’s not like the second coming of Jesus like some are saying. Still, bask in its glory-

She is sort of like a swollen Hilary Rhoda in this picture and being compared to Hilary Rhoda is pretty much always a good thing. The eyes are smoldering and this is actually the shot I compared to Cassi Van Den Bogan’s Desert shot (I was sort of unclear in my recap from Wednesday night)…  Best of the bunch, bar none.


This means that Anslee has a straight 2 for a call-0ut score… Consistently amazing and I’m totally still gloating about it. Her profile is stunning and I love the expression on her face. Plus, I’d kill for a jawline like that.

Great photos end there…


This is sort of an unpopular opinion but I think the expression on her face is just gorgeous… There’s raw emotion there, not just ‘Brrr, I’m chilly’. I dig that. The judges had all sorts of problems with her right hand but it’s not bothering me in the slightest.


She looks a little old, which is really my only qualm with the shot. It’s monumentally better than her first one… I think the whole confident, eyes open despite the elements thing is really interesting and I love the definition in her clavicle.


This is a tad bit too ‘I’m freezing’ chic for me to really love it but there is some vulnerability going on that works. There’s something emotional about this one but the overall aesthetic isn’t as pretty as Alexandra’s.


Her eyes are a LEETLE squinty, but compared to ‘jizz in my eye’ and ‘crossed eyed’, she’s got quite the leg up over her competitors. Tyra said this could be an ad for a perfume called ‘Listen’ which is kind of adorable of her, since Simone is sort of doing a ‘I’m listening’ pose. Awww. Also, Simone has straight 6s across the board which makes her consistently middle of the road… But for some reason, she’s still one of my favorites. Here’s hoping she steps it up.

Decent shots end here


Okay so… I hate to be all in agreement with Tyra and Co but this shot would look better if she was doing something with her mouth. It borders onto ‘I smell something yucky’ which is too bad, since the rest of the shot is more delicate than I would have expected from Angelea.


So… this is kind of sad, seeing as how her first shot was great and this is a wonky-eyed mess. I wish she just didn’t have a right eye because it’s really bringing this shot down for me. I think the whole ‘The whoosh saves you’ thing was a bit over the top, as her shot isn’t a total mess (don’t worry… those are yet to come) but it is a let down after a great first job.


I am seriously glad that this is the last time I have to rank one of her photos… She just weirds me out and whether that’s because she actually was a weird freaky girl or because I fell victim to the editing, I’ll never know. Either way, the old trap door hanging open is just a mess… She *does* look like a blow-up doll. A Belladonna blowup doll.

Horrific shots start here-


So… what the eff? She looks like what would happen to McKey if you melted McKey and jutted her eyebrow up. Also, I can see her nipple. But really, that raised eyebrow and her tense mouth are icky. I’m glad she won the challenge and was safe, as she is capable of so much more than this, but this photo is crap.


I wasn’t too upset by this one until I saw it in HQ… She looks like she was the victim of a watery bukkake and she’s still trying to blink the ejaculation out of her pupils. I mean, what is the deal? She is drenched and looking miserable… If I saw this in a magazine, I’d just be like ‘Is she selling anger?’ One plus is that yellow thing she’s wearing… Great color.

Aaaaand, now… from the top to the bottom. Give it up for Rant!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SHE’S CROSS EYED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nigel called this photo an ad for H1N1 virus and it is SO swine-flu fierce, in that sweaty, bedraggled, oinking way that swine flu is! Oh god, work it out Rant, you smelly, cold-beridden hot mess. Seriously, this picture is so disgusting. I’m mortified for her and also secretly happy as hell that she turned out something so shit and STAYED for it. Bye bye NadOOah.

My personal call-out scores (subject to change)

Anslee (2)- 2/2

Raina (4)- 7/1

Tatianna (4.5)- 4/5

Alexandra (5.5)- 8/3

Simone (6)- 6/6

Ren (6.5)- 1/12

Brenda (6.5)- 3/10

Jessica (6.5)- 5/8

Krista (7.5)- 11/4

Angelea (8)- 9/7

Naduah (9.5)- 10/9

Gabrielle- 12

Alasia (12)- 13/11