I think that I’ll just keep posting quotes made by Alex Perry about Kelsey until she’s eliminated. Seriously, he is at his most adorable when he’s talking about how perfect she is if you excuse her shortness.

The photoshoot brief was some sort of gorgeous beauty shot that highlighted their makeovers whilst looking soft and possibly selling jewelry? Not entirely sure about the jewelry thing. I’d say that the overall results were absolutely fantastic and the callout order went pretty smoothly, although I will say that I’m sad about Ashton being eliminated.

Yup, my little mongrel mouth will snarl no more. Everyone, especially the guest judge (who looks HILARIOUSLY like an evil version of Charlotte Dawson), waxed poetic on her potential but it wasn’t enough to save her. I knew she was never going to win but it does suck that she’s gone while the mess that is Brittany is still here. Also, my love for Chantal is fading fast. But we’ll get to that.

This was really Kelsey’s episode. As you’re all aware, I only watch the panels but she apparently did the best at the challenge and then took a beautiful picture. Charlotte said that the only problem she had was that Alex was going to call her a midget. So he did. And then she got first call out.

On to the photos!


There’s something so wonderfully vulnerable and delicate about her here… and that EYEBROW. The cocked eyebrow is one of my favorite things about Christy Turlington and Kathryn is achieving it here. She looks eternally youthful, and I love it. Her hair looked a little lighter than it previously was but that was the only makeover I saw, so I’m hard pressed to say if it was an improvement, but this is her best photo so far without question.


My most devoted fan isn’t going to like this shot because he hates big hair but what does he know? She manages to look dramatic without crossing into campy and I think she pulls off the voluminous hair and bangs (or ‘fringe’) very well. She’s proven now that her face is stunning so I’m hoping she brings it to her body next.

My girl crush, Amanda-

I do have qualms with the mouth here. She looks like she’s sucking on a really small lemon or something. So, we’re dealing with some unnecessary tension here. But otherwise? STUNNING. Those long, beachy waves are a weakness of mine… I wish I could take my Amanda hair and do that every day. She also has achieved the desired softness very well… I love the placement of her left hand.


There’s something a little off about her face overall but she did nail softness and she adds something interesting to her photo by clutching her shirt. I love how sort of timeless she is seeing as how she’s now nailed three separate looks. I hope to see her really blow my socks off, since she has the potential.


This is let down only slightly due to decisions made by the editors and such… It’s just sort of… a picture of her head. And I question the decision to put a big braid across her forehead. But if she had different hair and perhaps a wider shot, I think it’d be stunning. The open mouth is risky, but she manages to look lovely, not like a fly catcher.


Like Jess, I question the ‘Photo of a head’ decision and she does look a little… blank, maybe even bordering on dead, but I do commend her for nailing the softness equation of the brief. Also, that short makeover looks amazing on her and does take her from trashy to classy. I’m on the fence about her, because if she keeps up this new classy thing, Alex Perry won’t be able to say snotty things about her, but if she can continue to deliver, I probably will accept it.


This is pretty hot but it’s NOT soft. Other than the soft lighting, it’s actually pretty badass. Her hair, even all done up all wild like this, is such an improvement from her mullet and, like I said, as a photo, this is pretty hot, but for this particular brief, it’s off. Also, she seems like such an insipid bitch… So bland and attached to her stupid mullet. She and Brittany are probably my two least favorites at this point.


I really don’t know why they felt compelled to put her hair into a geometric shape, but her face actually pulls it off quite well. There is, as always, something off in her mouth but more importantly, you can see that she’s blank in the eyes. She has a great profile though, and this is far from the worst shot.


So I said before that she’s my least favorite and although she didn’t have the worst picture this week, I just can’t muster up any enthusiasm for her. Apparently, she can’t muster up any for the competition. She has yet to take a strong photo and she’s bland in person. I think she looks okay here, but it’s such a snooze of a shot… Nothing dynamic or interesting about it.


Sigh. Keira Knightley’s Egyptian sister has delivered the world’s best mugshot… But, it’s still a mugshot. She’s so damn gorgeous so I want something better than this from her. She’s so tense in the mouth and the only reason I see any sort of feeling or emotion is because she has lovely eyes.

So, after three photoshoots, I think the ‘strong ones’ are quite clear. I’m going to take this time to do my call out scores so far:

Still in It-

Amanda- 1/3/3— 2.3

Jessica- 2/1/5— 2.6

Joanna- 6/2/4— 4

Kathryn- 8/4/1–– 4.3

Kelsey- 5/7/2— 4.6

Kimberly- 4/8/6— 6

Sophie- 10/6/7— 7.6

Chantal- 11/9/10— 10

Brittney- 13/10/9— 10.6


Alison- 3

Valeria- 7

Ashton- 12/5/8– 8.3

Sally- 9

Megan- 14/11– 12.5

Claire- 15

Ashlea- 16

Thanks, as always, for all your nice comments. Stay tuned for next week!