I started this entry last week and didn’t post it, so I’m just going to add the animal photos and leave last week’s text the way it was.

First things first… The primary focus of this blog is ANTM. The ranking of Australia is just a good distraction. This, however, has been halted slightly thanks to Foxtel throwing a tantrum and deleting all accounts that post episodes of Australia’s Next Top Model. Not just the current cycle. ALL OF THEM. Needless to say, this girl is NOT happy because really, it’s their dumbass fault that the photos were spoiled in the first place, so yes, just punish all the fans by not letting them watch the show AT ALL.

In spite of this… The photos are still available and assuming they get rid of Brittney (YES!) and Sophie, it’ll be one hell of a group, so I’m going to keep recapping. I won’t be able to rely on my dear Alex Perry or Charlotte Dawson for sass though, so I’ll have to compensate by adding some of my own.

As for ANTM Cycle 15… Yes, the girls have been released, but the only thing we have are decidedly awkward promo photos, albeit not outfitted in leotards so it’s an improvement. I’ll be posting a separate entry all about that sometime this week.

Anyway, on to the Australia photos-

The goal here was a sort of thematic deal for Impulse Body Spray… Each girl had an aura that they were going for (I don’t know what they were… Kimberly’s was like young love, I think?) and so that may have had something to do with the judges rankings. I’m more concerned with the overall look of the shot than such a stupid brief. Favorite, for the third time in a row, is–


This girl is trying her luck at a top call out score EVER from me. Seriously, three consecutive first call outs is not too shabby. I think the quality of the shot is a little cheap but everything about her modeling is right. This is pretty enough to sell fragrance, to me, and I like the way she’s cocking her head back while keeping her body straight.


She’s back at the top, where she belongs, with this shot. Yes, this dress might widen her frame a little bit but it’s not as if she’s sporting extra baggage so it’s not a bad thing… I think the whole thing looks romantic and a little whimsical. She looks so strong and in tune with the camera.


This is really, really, really gorgeous… And identical to last week’s shot. The angle, the swing of the hair… The only difference is that she’s wearing a flowy dress here as opposed to a bathing suit. Amanda is a good case of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, so while her shots are starting to blend together, they can’t be classified as bad by any stretch.


So, Kimberly takes her best picture since her lovely 50s style one and then gets eliminated for it? Say what? I think she actually owns her haircut here, embodying a funky street chic vibe. Apparently she’s supposed to be young love, which I don’t see AT ALL but the picture is awesome… She looks like McKey. I’m not sad to see her go, but I do wish she’d been eliminated for one of her lesser pictures.


This has grown on me and then waned and then grown again… There’s something a little teeny bopper-ish about it… Like, vaguely reminiscent of Miley Cyrus here, but I still like it… it’s fresh and modern. And, since Impulse body spray is kind of inexpensive, I’m okay with the fact that she’s not looking uber ‘expinsive’ in this picture.


Finally, someone styled Sophie’s hair in a cute way! Alert the media! It’s still kind of unfresh… She looks kind of like Meg Ryan here but I do love me some cupcakes and she is fitting in moderately well with that whole sort of cute bakery chick motif they’ve got going on here. One of Sophie’s better shots.


This is really the first time that I’ve not understood the hype of  one of Joanna’s pictures. She looks so… sweaty and disheveled, vaguely teenage prostitute-y. I think her face looks tense and she doesn’t do anything to propel her miserable outfit from common trashy teenager to hot model.


Ugh, can we please get her out of here?! If Joanna’s shot is like farmgirl in the city selling blowjobs, this is straight up streetwalker. Brittney took a hot photo last panel and then this abomination shows up on my computer screen… but KIM got eliminated? What a ridiculous load of crap… This is seriously so gross… Sweaty, aged and cheap.

Week 6- Posing with Animals

Um, duh. What does it sound like?


Yup, read ’em and weep… Kathryn delivers my favorite shot… AGAIN. I don’t believe that any other contestant has a consecutive winning streak under their belt, and I’m so happy for her… I don’t think she’s going to win though, and despite my adoration for her photos, I don’t know if I think she should. In addition to not being chosen AGAIN for a casting type situation (this time it was a commercial), she also has bad skin, so not a whole let of presence in person.

BUT BACK TO THIS PHOTO… It’s absolute magic. Send it to Vogue. Here it is uncropped-


This suffers from the worthless Australia cropping thing that goes on quite often… You can’t even see the animal which is…

A piggy! I was surprised to see him too… I thought for sure it was a dog.

Anyway, Amanda looks SMOKING hot… Her fabulous body is really on display here. It’s almost as good as Kathryn’s.

From here, it’s another one of those scenarios where the pictures are hard to rank because they’re all at least decent but they don’t particularly stand out over the others, much like the bathing suit shoot two weeks prior-


This looks much hotter without the stupid cropping… With it, this is probably one of the weakest thanks to a slightly dopey expression, but when you see the whole shot, the snake looks absolutely awesome. I love the eye contact here but I think she does look a little apprehensive facially despite a strong front.


The cropping doesn’t have a terrible effect on this shot so I won’t bother to post a smaller version. Anyway, the dog is adorable and it’s a cute picture overall but it doesn’t exactly have a fashion edge to me. Also, is it just me or does Jessica look a little um… special?


I’m not wowed by this in any way and think that it could be so much more thanks to the creepy little alligator… Basically, she looks scared shitless. The only thing propelling this above Sophie’s is the fact that Kelsey looks like a model and not someone’s mom.


She has a pretty awesome body… I only wish that her face was less old and unfresh and that people could learn to style her hair. Seriously, it’s just looking ridiculous here. Also, a goldfish? Random. The composition of the shot is okay but I’m forced to put her in the bottom two because I find her face genuinely unpleasant to look at.


Yawn, worst. What else is new? I never once spelled her name correctly on the first try. Will not miss.

So, we now have a pretty amazing group in the top 6.

Amanda- Still thinking she’s the winner.

Kathryn- The best in photos but she never gets chosen for anything. I think that’ll be her downfall.

Kelsey- Beautiful but will Alex Perry eventually turn his back on her because she’s short?

Joanna and Jessica- Both beautiful and photogenic, but they did better at the beginning, for me

Sophie- The weakest left, by far… But she is improving in her pictures. A little bit.