I’m getting that uneasy feeling that I started to get when Tahnee was in the top 5 of the competition despite taking some hilariously bad pictures. That festering uneasiness in my stomach has a name and it is called Sophie.

I mean, seriously… How uncool is it for the judges to try and tell me that this girl:

is a model and somehow capable of taking a shot worthy of Italian Vogue? It doesn’t matter how prettily dressed she is… She can’t change her face and is an unfresh sore amongst a sea of pretty models.

She’s already taken the spot of one girl that’s far superior to her and I fear, after this week’s orgasm over her picture, that she’s going to take another. And people actually seem to be BUYING this chick now. I don’t see how taking a picture that is only slightly less mediocre than your previous ones makes you a contender for a prize when your competitors have been consistently strong. In related news, I am not speaking to Alex Perry until Sophie is eliminated or loses this competition because he seems to be her most passionate supporter. What happened to looking expinsive, Perry? Sophie is leathery and aged. She is cheap to the max.

Rant over. For now. The photoshoot was some sort of wintery styled thing where the girls were swaddled in fur and meant to look soft and hot, but not slutty.


The body is really necessary for this-

She’s such an edgy beauty and this is so soft and romantic… Plus that subtle angle of her legs looks amazing. Unfortunately, she has no chance in hell at winning this thing because Sarah and Jez, who I KNEW I hated, were going on and on about how she wasn’t ‘modern’ and looked too classically beautiful… What about her is classic? Half of the time, she looks like a character from a Tim Burton movie. Also, it seems that Alex “I ❤ Fake Tans” Perry hates Jess too and Wifey is the only one giving her the respect she deserves. She fought pretty hard for Jess in this episode, and she was called third.


Well, her top call out streak finally ends, but not by much. This shot just drags emotion out of me– I literally want to cry if I look at it too long, no melodrama intended. It’s just so soft and beautiful. So if I’m all choked up about this, why did I rank it second? Eh, this is only a tiny nit pick but it’s not all that different from most of her previous shots. I’m a big believer in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”– Kathryn is gorgeous and doesn’t have to do much to take a flawless picture but I do appreciate the variation from Jess just ever so slightly this week.


WHY does everyone hate this picture?

Seriously, I’ve actually heard people compare her to Trangelea here. WHAT?!?!?!?! I think she looks beautiful… entranced by something and ever so slightly sad about it. There are lots of complaints about her looking old, which is okay but not if you like Sophie’s picture seeing as how she looks about 35 in hers. I digress. This is great, and better than her alligator picture from last week.


Okay, so her face looks like she has an itchy nose and the pose is a little bit slutty looking but I’ve actually decided that I like it. To say that she looks anything other than crazy expinsive is totally bullshit, ALEX PERRY. In a way, I’m relieved that she’s gone (although she didn’t deserve it) because I was starting to think she could win based on how orgasmic the judges got over some of her pictures.


Her worst picture, by a longshot… Her not being bottom 2 for the same tense lipped, blank stared photo is just more proof that this competition is hers to lose. Her body alone will get her to the finale, but being excused from a picture this bland makes it quite obvious to me– this was her competition from day 1. I love this girl but not this picture.


I would love this picture if Sophie had no face. Wifey Dawson mentioned there being very little market for headless models at one point in the cycle, but I think Sophie has a real future in faceless modeling. Because really.. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the surroundings are, or how expinsive the clothes are… If your face is aged and not fresh… The picture doesn’t work. It’s not Vogue Italia. It’s not even Vogue Knitting. It’s just another exercise in mediocrity by Sophie and a wrongful elimination for someone else.

And with that, I’m basically spent.

Fight to the death, Australia and Britain 😉