I was, overall, quite impressed by this episode. Maybe not as much as Nigel was by Esther’s tig ole bitties, but still impressed.

HOWEVER… HQ versions of the faux-tos are nowhere to be found and what is the fucking point of recapping without them?!

First things first-

This bitch was robbed. And she doesn’t have an eating disorder just because she’s on a calorie restricted diet. Who the hell are we to judge her when all we see is selective editing? Skinny? Fuck yes. But not necessarily suffering from a problem. And Tyra telling her to eat some bread and butter and avocado was pretty ridiculous.

Love her. She didn’t need to throw out a bunch of pretentious sounding made up French bullshit– I’m still not sold on ALT who brought back ‘gauche’ when describing Jane– because she was able to effortlessly class up the panel without even trying. And when Tyra couldn’t hold back any longer and splooged about ‘inspiring young girls’, Diane quickly moved her hand out of the WE ARE THE WORLD prayer circle that Tyra, ALT and Nigel were making. I love that despite being on the show, she knows she’s above it.

HOWEVER… Her whole song and dance to Anamaria about beauty being health was bullshit because both Olga Sherer and Sigrid Agren have walked for Diane’s runway shows despite making Anamaria look like Whitney Thompson. Although I suppose rabid hypocrisy is to be expected even from fashion elite. This IS ANTM, after all.

Anyway, I really do want to recap this episode, but without the photos… it feels very bare bones. Plus, I worked all weekend and my brain is fried!